Dallas Review: And the Real Owner of Southfork Is...

A few weeks ago I spoke with Patrick Duffy who mentioned that the new Dallas moved so much faster than the original that it felt as though they covered five episodes worth of story in the span of one.  He wasn't kidding.  Dallas is a fast, fun ride and you need to hang on tight if you're going to keep up.

"Truth and Consequences" picked up exactly where last week left off, with a tearful Rebecca about to tell all to Christopher. And tell all she did. Well, at least a certain version of it.

Did you believe the teary eyed girl?  Was this all her evil brother's ploy and she just got swept along for the ride?

Christopher was certainly quick to kick his dear wife to the curb. I thought that being married would have at least bought Rebecca one serious conversation to try and explain but Chris was having none of it. He told her to get out and then tore off in his super hot Tesla. Read More...



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