Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peeks: Jenna Throws a Party to Celebrate Her New 'Outlook'

Pretty Little Liars was on hiatus this week, but it returns with an all new episode on July 10, and the girls are still knee-deep in trying to solve their new "A" mystery.

Jenna may have begged the girls to keep her returned eyesight a secret, but she's apparently decided that lying low is no longer on her list of priorities because she's flittering around the school, no longer pretending to be blind.  Instead, she's inviting everyone over for a huge birthday party that could very well just be a set up for more nefarious purposes (because isn't that how all parties turn out in Rosewood?).  But the girls have a lot of other concerns.  First, did Aria find proof that Lucas is in on the new "A" plot?  How is Hanna coping with her breakup from Caleb (hint: not well)?  Garrett is being released from prison to visit his ailing mother for the night of the party, so will that end in another death?  And the girls are starting to realize that any one of their secrets could very well land them in jail themselves. Read More...


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