Futurama Review: Celebrity Death Match

Happy Freedom Day! Futurama keeps trucking on even when everyone's in a food coma and watching fireworks, except for me, intrepid TV critic. I never rest!

"The Thief of Baghead" was a Bender-focused episode, as this character tried to fell an actor who steals people's souls... er, life forces, just by casting eyes upon his horrifying visage.

The story felt oddly segmented: Bender-as-paparazzo kind of just disappeared shortly after the Langdon Cobb story came along. Perhaps it was to all just to use celebrity parody names like "Selena Go-Bot" and "Parts Hilton."  Sure, Fry, Amy and Hermes got their life forces sucked out, but they could have really livened up this episode. Something felt like it was missing – and it was definitely them. Read More...



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