Sket Dance Episode #06 Review

As we saw at the end of the last episode, the student council is on the move within the school and the vice president, Tsubaki, is intending to eliminate all things that don’t actually help improve the school or serve a purpose. With what the Sket Club does, you know they do help and do things, but it’s such a loosely run club that they don’t keep to things like the other clubs do with activity forms and so forth. When Tsubaki lays into Bossun about this, it’s little surprise that he basically explodes on him, though Himeko does her best to try and soothe him down. The whole thing turns into a mess though and the only thing that saves the day is that the Sket Club is asked to help out with something in front of Tsubaki, which just delays the inevitable in Tsubaki’s mind. Read More... 


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