Sket Dance Episode #15 Review

Getting back more firmly into its short form story, Sket Dance has a lot of fun with the parodies and homages in this episode, including the episode title which makes an Evangelion reference with "Mistaken Angel the 13th." It plays to the horror side more for most of the episode though as we’re introduced to the shop teacher who is nicknamed J-son. He has a real problem in that he’s having a new marriage meeting with an attractive young woman but is afraid that he’s going to screw it up. A lot of it comes through because of his personality and the fact that he face looks naturally like a hockey mask. He has real problems with how he presents himself though because of the things he says but also because most of the things he does comes across as creepy, from his smile to his laugh. Having the Sket kids try and help him is pretty cute and fun though and it serves up a nice first-half story with plenty of little nods to the horror fan audience. Read More... 


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