Sket Dance Episode #21 Anime Review

When you see a friend of yours doing something a bit questionable, it’s definitely enough to get you to start looking more at it to see what’s going on. Himeko and Bossun do just that at the start of this episode as they find that Switch is spending some time with Yukki and her creepy atmosphere. While it’s strange to have her come into the club room window, finding that the two of them are out at a mall together shopping is more than enough to put them in spy mode. Of course, it comes down to the idea that Switch is helping her find a computer so she can build a site for her huge amount of occult information and materials that she has. The pair of them are quite the sight, her with her dark and ominous haze around her and him using his laptop to talk to her. They definitely get some looks from the general public. Read More... 


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