Sket Dance Episode #27 Anime Review

After an amusing and in-joke filled episode last week with the Gintama crossover, Sket Dance gets back to basics here with some silly comedy and a hilarious new opening sequence just for this episode. The show focuses a bit on the real school side of things as the kids get a new homeroom teacher since their regular teacher is pregnant and "ready to pop out a kid" as Chuu says. This means that they get a temporary teacher for a bit named Misora Remi, who used to be a child actor that now takes all her passion and genkiness into the world of high school. Though it’s just for a moment, we get the kids opening theme to her show before it shifts into the real new opening sequence which is a lot of fun and expands on capturing a lot of the supporting cast of characters, rivalries and general silliness. Read More... 


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