Sket Dance Episode #41 Anime Review

The return of Enigman and Quettion is a double edged sword as the characters certainly made for some amusing moments when they were first introduced and we got the whole gig about the secret identity side of Enigman being interested in who Quettion really is, only to discover she had zero interest in him. Revisiting the pair so soon after their debut appearance isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it has to manage what it wants to do well without feeling like a replay of what came before with the game show phase. On the plus side, they grab several of the student council members including Tsubaki to play the rooftop game. On the downside, they’ve wrangled Bossun into it with a costume and mask while taking on the name Bosshutun. It’s cute but it also kind of makes me leery of it all. Read More... 


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