Sket Dance Episode #62 Anime Review

With the potential to wrap a couple of different predictble story elements together, Sket Dance is setting up to do a class trip and combine it with a ski trip. Ski trips go back to my early anime days with Kimagure Orange Road, so there’s always something fun and nostalgic about them for me. But with Sket Dance, things are never going to be easy with just going to the trip and running with it. No, Chuu-san has come up with a challenge for them to deal with in order to get going. And that’s beyond having J-son be the one to help them figure out how to do room choices and the like, which factors into things. What they end up coming up with is comical in the end as there are only so many good rooms and some class has to get the good room while someone else has to get the "super pathetic" one. Read More.. 


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