Sket Dance Episode #64 Anime Review

While it’s a cheap gimmick, I do admit a certain love for mind/body switching stories since they can just be a lot of fun if well executed. Sket Dance has done decently with theirs so far as Bossun and Himeko have gotten switched around and there’s certain issues to be had with how they treat each other in general. With them waiting until things can be resolved, they have to go about the trip as normal. They do skip a lot of the normal fun you can have with things like where they sleep, clothes and so forth and instead just deal with the character issues themselves. And a lot of what we get here is also using Saaya as a viewpoint as she continues to be interested in Bossun but is trying to figure out the relationship between him and Himeko, which is certainly even worse at the moment. Read More... 


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