Grey's Anatomy Review 6x11: "Blink"

"That's quite a sandwich!"

Exactly how this episode is for the millions of Grey's Anatomy fans who have been tormented by the long holiday hiatus. It's enough to make us smile goofily in the mid day dream drift and yet manage to tease us into yearning for next week's episode.

As the title entails, this week's focus is the drastic change people go through--very conspicuous in Mark Sloan's sudden catapult over the holidays from being the uber-gorgeous-women-would-salivate manwhore to an incredibly caring and responsible father and grandfather-to-be. Sadly, this has created a rift in Mark and Lexie's relationship. Mark wakes Lexie up to ask her a favor of giving his daughter Sloan Riley an ultrasound much to her chagrin. However, she agrees in return for a morning make out session. Even more to Lexie's dismay Sloan walks in on them without knocking, causing her to be pushed off by her boyfriend. Now you really can't blame her for disliking his daughter. To add more injury to insult, Lexie has been going to Callie/Cristina's apartment to shower since Mark's daughter always beats her to it.

Thus, we are transported into the much anticipated, Jessica Capshaw-hinted girl on girl action between Callie and Arizona. For that, a yay to Sloan Riley! LOL. But seriously, for a spoiler that stirred the LGBT community for some time, it was an awfully short shower scene. Personally I'd love to see more interaction between Callie and Arizona. They do not have to be in the shower having sex or whatever to make us appreciate them as a couple. More romantic gestures and moments through cuddling and yeah make out sessions would make us more mushy.

Going back to Mark and Lexie, they go through the day as a supportive and loving couple. After Lexie finds out about an abnormality in Sloan's fetus, Mark immediately calls in the best neonatal surgeon in the land, Addison Montgomery. This has been boggling me for quite a long time. Why does Seatle Grace always get the best in everything? They have the best neurosurgeon, best pediatric surgeon, best cardiothoracic surgeon,etc. Whatever happened to Johns Hopkins?

Anyway, after Addison failed at her attempt to fix the fetus' problem post Mark the Father gets in the way, she compliments him about being a Dad then leaves telling him of the course of treatment for his daughter and grandchild . Lovingly, Lexie supports Mark and even persuades him to go to Addison in Los Angeles, which was a cunning ploy to have people watch Private Practice. But since I have a huge crush on Mark Sloan, I gave in to the temptation because I could not just miss him getting undressed LOL. Before he left, Mark screwed things up for Lexie by asking Sloan to move in with them. Lexie's face was crushed, they talked and she broke up with him. Poor Mark. In Private Practice, Addison made a good point in that Lexie is too young to become a grandmother.

To other important characters, Cristina was again at her best. She continues to be a strong resident and catching up with the Yang we first knew- the passionate and career focused no time for social life health care provider with an awful bedside manner. She's the female counterpart of Dr. Gregory House. =)

Finally, my favorite part was the prelude/hint that Miranda Bailey, yes, the Nazi, will be having a her love life in the storyline! Aww they're trying to play cupid. Finally! She has been at the background for 5 seasons when it comes to love drama . All else has been on the on call room.

For all the Bailey lovers, let's cross our fingers to our Miranda and her hunk in the on-call room. Comments anyone?


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