Saving Hope Review: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Saving Hope might have just aired my favorite episode to date. I found myself thoroughly engaged and asking questions for the entire hour. For instance, Would the surgery take? Can Charlie beat this? And what happens when you put an egg in the microwave?

I feel a little like a broken record, but this show gets better every week.

"Out of Sight" gave insight into what this show could become if Charlie doesn't wake up. Each patient Charlie encounters in the in-between teaches him something about the life happening before his eyes, and in some way, Charlie helps each of these patients.

Scott, the patient who's been in a coma for 27 years, has quite the cavalier attitude regarding the plight he shares with Charlie. But an attitude that nonchalant is a sign that Scott really cares. He's masks his anger over being abandoned by his wife with a lack of concern for his situation, and Charlie seeing that, and seeing how much Scott actually does care, is vital to his continued fight to get back to Alex. He needs to know that this is not a battle others can fight for him. If he's going to wake up, he has to help it happen from his side. Read More...


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