Louie Recap: Whip It Out

Any chance you recall Louis C.K.'s Parenting Hall of Fame–worthy bit from 2007's Shameless about one of his daughters regaling his then-wife with the story of a dog-sighting? "I'm telling mama, not you." (C.K.'s brutal, amazing follow-up: "What, you think I actually give a shit about the dog you saw? Like that was gonna be an awesome story, that you saw a fuckin' dog?") That's where we resume season three's showcase of Louie's fatherhood, only with his younger daughter Jane (Ursula Parker) attempting to elicit enthusiasm from her sister Lilly (Hadley Delany), then burning her dad when he tries to jump in.

C.K. displays two of his persistent tropes through his fictionalized daughters here: Jane tells a joke hinging on a bodily function (mermaids dwelling in pee rather than water), while Lily follows up a pair of absurdist knock-knock jokes with what could often stand as a tagline for Louie itself: "If you don't get it, you just don't get it." Read More...



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