Big Brother 14: It's Official. Our Take on The New Cast and This Season's New Twists

As Julie Chen would say on Eviction Day of Big Brother: "It's Official." The cast of Big Brother 14 has been revealed and as expected, there are 14 new House Guests... and 4 Returning Big Brother House Guests. Yep, we have some Vets in the mix again this year. But before you commit hara-kiri on yourselves at the news of the returning House Guests, there is a twist involved with that situation that might be worth exploring without gouging out our eyes and ears beforehand. The downside to this is that we will have to find out what their mission is come premiere night, but by the look of things, we still have 12 House Guests and two slots still open to fill. How much do you want to bet that the returning 4 HGs will have to compete to keep their spots in the Big Brother House and join the game full-time? If that's the case, let's schedule the mass hara-kiri ritual at 8pm next Thursday. Read More...


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