Saving Hope “Out of Sight” Review

Brace yourself Saving Hope fans. I don’t mean to alarm you, but I kind of liked this episode. If nothing else, it is my favorite episode of the young series.

One of the things that the show does well is play the emotional beats. This episode seemed to have it in spades. The core of the series is about coping with loss. They show it with patients, but this week we saw some real progress in Alex’s character. Up to now, she has been struggling to find ways to wake up her husband, taking double shifts at the hospital, and doing product placement for the energy drink, Power Drink (tagline: When you have no energy to think up a cool name for your energy drink.). This week, the show gave us parallel stories surrounding Alex loosening her hold on Charlie and Charlie dealing with a fellow coma patient. Both stories just worked from an emotional standpoint. I wish that we saw more of this type of show. I feel like it would be a far more compelling show. Read More... 


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