Awkward “Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary” Review

After discovering that a surveillance camera might have caught her clandestine relationship with Matty on tape, Jenna debated telling Jake who she lost her virginity to in "Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary," this week’s episode of Awkward.

I love Jake, but he is just a little too innocent for his own good. It’s true that Matty did a really fantastic job of hiding his relationship with Jenna when it was happening, but has Jake seriously not noticed the awkwardness between his best friend and his girlfriend? He’s going to be in for a rude awakening pretty soon.

But is it Jenna’s responsibility to tell him? On the one hand, honesty is a virtue, but she is not required to disclose anything about when, where or to whom she lost her V-card, and Jake shouldn’t (and as it turns out, didn’t) expect that. He just wanted to be sure that she wasn’t still in love with the mystery guy…but that’s a much bigger problem. Read More... 


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