Falling Skies “Love and Other Acts of Courage” Review

Tonight’s episode of Falling Skies, "Love and Other Acts of Courage," focused heavily on the budding romance between Maggie and Hal. As sweet as young love can be, I was much more interested in the information we got from the 2nd Mass’ short term prisoner, the red eyed skitter.

The episode opened with skitters and Ben going into some sort of psychic communication, or considering the way Ben dropped to his knees, perhaps it was a pre-battle prayer. This odd behavior remained unexplained even after the 2nd Mass took in the red eyed skitter for information.

The 2nd Mass had been in Richmond for about a week and had encountered no other resistancefighters or skitters. Instead, they found the aftermath of what appeared to be a battle among the aliens themselves. Even though this seemed to corroborate what the red eyed skitter had told Tom about their own resistance, there was something about this whole set up that didn’t quite sit right with me. Read More...



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