The Newsroom “The 112th Congress” Review

Before I start, I want to clear up my view of The Newsroom. Whilst it may sound like I’m flip-flopping in my reviews, I’m just looking at the pros and cons. The pros are great casting and a solid idea. The cons are weak characters and a poor execution. As I said last week, The Newsroom would make a fantastic half hour comedy or even a 45 minute comedy drama. Instead it masquerades as a straight up drama, which allows for the bland scenes that come between the ones filled with witticisms. There is almost enough to work with in The Newsroom, but no one seems to want to work with it.

With that cleared up, let’s look at this week’s episode ‘The 112th Congress’.

Will lays out his new approach to News Night: the show will not be influenced by advertisers nor pander to the network, instead it will give the news as seen fit. The arbiters of this news will be himself and Mackenzie. Whilst their aim to cut out ‘bought’ news influenced by advertisers is great, the news they choose will still be influenced by their own views. News biased one way rather than another is still biased news. I hope that’s a point picked up on in future because it could lead to some really meaty debates. But since these are debates best had at the time of the change and five months have passed between episodes 2 and 3, I won’t hold out hope. Read More... 


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