Eureka “Double Take” Review

Tonight’s penultimate Eureka brings us the exciting end to the doppelganger storyline that started during last week’s "Mirror, Mirror". Evil Holly and rest of the duplicates slowly assimilate other Eurekans and plug them into the Matrix from earlier this season. Though their plans are stopped by Allison, Zane, and Fargo, it’s the Department of Defense that has the last word on what happens to the town of Eureka (and it’s not good news).

While I liked how the duplicates storyline started last week, I admit to having some mixed feeling of how much "Double Take" was resembling Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I think the writers went from homage to over the top a few times, especially some of the chase scenes with Allison in the forest or the rest of the duplicates closing in on the cabin. They make up for this shortcoming by throwing in plenty of sci-fi references into the episode, which are fun for the viewers to try and catch. Some of the better ones tonight were Parrish’s failed plan to use the Star Wars prisoner plan to bluff his way past security and Holly comparing her situation that of the alien queen from Alien. I think the writers also tied in a little bit of 2001: A Space Odyssey in the episode by making the Matrix NPC’s act on the last directive they received, similar to what HAL does in the movie. Read More... 


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