White Collar Season 4 Premiere “Wanted” Advance Review – Trouble in Paradise

USA’s hit series, White Collar returns tonight for its season four premiere, called “Wanted.” The title is pretty apt, considering that is exactly how Neal finds himself throughout the entire episode. He’s wanted by nearly everyone it seems: by Peter, by the FBI, and by a new adversary, an agent Collins (played by Mehki Phifer) who is sent to heat up the search for Neal by none other than Peter’s old boss and now nemesis, Kramer.

The season opener starts up six weeks after Neal and Mozzie took off to destinations unknown and no one has managed to find them yet, not even Peter. But thought everyone is looking for Neal, not everyone has the same intentions when they do find him. Agent Collins’ motives are pretty clear, but since Peter was the one who gave Neal the signal to run in the season three finale, his motives are more to help Neal than anything else. Read More...




Jul 11, 2012 7:54AM EDT

I'm a major fan of the series but I'm a little disappointed with this episode. Everything in line to be amazing and some small mistakes made it awful for me. With 5 min of Study about Cape Verde ( Cabo Verde ) you would realise that they don't speak French. The official language is Portuguese. So it kind of ruined for me they are always speaking in Spanish and the characters names are mostly Spanish as well. This could be an epic episode for me. Was not. Such a rookie mistake.

Jul 11, 2012 7:56AM EDT

Note: when you read "French" should read Spanish .

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