Big Brother 14: The Hamsters Are In The House, But Has One Already Jumped Ship?

The hamsters are officially in the Big Brother house as of late yesterday, which means Big Brother rumors are flying quicker than an X-43 jet around the Internet and social media sites. Again, nothing will be confirmed until the premiere this Thursday night, but here are some of the few rumors flying around the blogosphere and beyond in the world of Big Brother 14.

A Contestant Has Flown The Coup Already

Apparently, the most popular rumor on the net now is that Big Brother contestant JoJo Spatafora had a Chima-sized temper tantrum and quit the show after either a) the reveal of the returning House Guests or b) after one of the returning House Guests won the HOH challenge. Either way, I don't buy this particular rumor at all, because if it has any iota of truth from it then CBS and Allison Grodner need to reevaluate their production crews' loyalties to see if they want to stay employed with the company. With live feeds not starting until Thursday night after the premiere, there is no way information like a cast member jumping ship so soon could have gotten out unless it was leaked from production themselves. Read More...


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