Drop Dead Diva Review: Heartbroken

I am so completely heartbroken by this week's Drop Dead Diva. "Rigged" didn't keep me fully engaged with its latest case because of all the engineering jargon, but boy was my attention caught by the end of the episode.

Between Parker's custody case and Owen's betrayal of Jane, I found myself needing to grab a few tissues.

Is this the end of Owen? Is he gone for good or do you think he will eventually come back with his tail between his legs?

Last week, I wrote that you can't force someone's hand when it comes to love. I think Owen panicked in the moment and knew Jane was going to leave him since their beliefs on marriage were different. Even if Jane didn't say it, Owen felt like he was handed an ultimatum. It was too fast of a turnaround and I hate to say it, but I wasn't convinced Owen had truly changed his mind. Read More...



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