'Bunheads' Sutton Foster: 'Every 10 days or so I have a brain meltdown'


Zap2it: What was your first reaction when you read the "Bunheads" pilot script?Sutton Foster: What was strange was that when I read [Michelle's] lines, I could actually hear my voice. I was attracted to her because she is so lost. She is seeking meaning and purpose, and that was something that resonated with me. I wanted to figure that out with her, and I knew what that felt like. I could recognize myself in her.PICS: 'Bunheads' Season 1Zap2it: In a play, you know your character's entire journey. That's not true in TV. Is that a challenge?Sutton Foster: I am getting to know her more all the time. There's a bit of mystery, because you look at her and you wonder, "What's her story?" I mean, Michelle is just such a free-floater. She's not attached to anything, and she doesn't have roots, or want them. I'm curious about that, and we're peeling back the layers more...



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