True Blood Recap: Easy on the Peach Schnapps

Oy, this episode. I don't know about you, but I was certainly tangled in an emotional lace of confusion, amusement, and dirty synthetic kimono (it just happens to be what I watch the show in). Now I know how the cast feels after a long day of shooting on nothing but PDX90 endorphins and cashew water.

Never mind the talking statues, disembodied heads, the high-calorie snacks, or the wigs (oh, the WIGS). The allegory here between the Sangunistas and the Authority was more thinly veiled than ever: Religious fanatics versus sexy, ineffectual ideologues? What are you getting at, HBO? Thank you kindly, but please keep your Sorkin peanut butter out of my Ball chocolate. Allow me to repeat: Ball chocolate. Why? Because it's fun to say. Read More...


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