Bunheads Review: Try and Try Again

Imagine you're shaking a Magic 8 Ball and every time the answer comes up as "outlook not so good" or "my answer is no" you shake the ball again. Now you have the framework for ""Better Luck Next Year!" To stick with cliches, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again. That was the theme and it worked perfectly. I thought it might be fun to run the review with examples of the motif. Let's play!

Michelle moved into the guest house. Michelle's possessions arrived from Las Vegas and she was finally feeling at home. Happily kicking around her new home in her underwear (Sutton Foster has a kick-ass body!) without curtains, however, turned out to be quite the spectacle. With as much experience as she had with every other aspect of homemaking, she attacked the idea of hanging a curtain rod to gain some privacy. Read More...



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