Lost Girl Review: Happy Birthday Bo

The Ash may have locked up Lauren for four days, but she was rewarded for the imprisonment. Over those days, Lachlan investigated the cursing nail, which is what she asked for in the first place and the result was her greatest wish -- Nadia woke up.

The story of Nadia's illness and ultimately her curse was much more involved that I expected. Compared to Lachlan, the former Ash seemed to be a decent leader, so his manipulation of the situation was unexpected.

It was cruel to purposefully put Nadia in a coma in order to force Lauren into servitude. The former Ash's plan worked as Lauren found the cure for the Fae virus and then for some reason he decided to continue to use her for research. Now, that Lauren has re-committed to Lachlan, I fear something will happen to Nadia. Will their love continue where it left off or will Nadia tire of living under the Fae control with Lauren. I don't see any way they can have a fairy tale ending. Read More...



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