Storage Wars “From Russia With Chucks” & “The Full Monty-Bello” Reviews

Storage Wars returned tonight from its 4th of July hiatus with "From Russia With Chucks", as the buyers make their way to Storage Outlets in Gardena. Some pretty interesting developments took place right off the bat, as we see that the new buyer Jeff Jarred is returning in place of Dave Hester. It’s a little strange that Dave is still so active on his Twitter feed during the episodes, and that he plays so heavily into the promotion and advertisements for the show, but he’s been conspicuously absent multiple times this season.

Jeff Jarred did come off quite a bit better this week though, as he bought the bedroom unit for $1,050. He ended up only making $630 back on his russian nesting dolls and some other odds and ends, but he did a lot to curry more favor with this reviewer. Jeff came off pretty terribly in the last installment, as his first impression was that of a whiny snitch that accused everybody of ganging up on him. I’m hoping he can continue to be a bit more lighthearted in his episodes, and here’s hoping Hester comes back as a series regular soon! Read More... 


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