What did u think about the last episode of Bones?

All i could do is say :

Oh... My... GOD...

This last episode started in such a dramatic way! i couldn't believe that booth was dead, and then they hung on that idea for the first few minutes, with the funeral, with the picture bout Booth, the speeches, and all that stuff made it really credible until we final saw him :D... OMG such a relief... HAHAHA and then i couldn't stop laughing at the situation...

Afterwards there's all the situation with Gormogon and Hodge and Sweets and then Zack. I'm glad that sweets wasn't gormogon, but the writers made it pretty tough to figure it out with all the strange scenes on Hodge, which made him seem really scary, and the confession that sweets made too was pretty tough to interpret.

All in all, it was a nail biter... we figured out who was gormogon: some nut job who looked completely insane with his 32 canines, we found out that Zack was the new apprentice and that he was the one that killd the corruptor, which made more sense when in the previous episode he told everyone about his training regiment and how strong he truly was.

Still i didn't feel completely filled after watching it, maybe they went too quick with the capture of the killer and we didnt get to know him well enough to say that he deserved it or something...

meh, all i hope is that we get a 4th season as good as the 3rd one. Maybe with the Gravedigger arrest as the season finale for season 4 ... who knows... i just miss that gravedigger guy :P


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May 21, 2008 6:49PM EDT

seriously am i the only one or do other's out there do not give a dam abt gormogon,i was hoping for some revelation abt brennan and booth's relationship in the last episode when booth was shot and it appeared like he wasnt gonna make it ,i decided not to watch the serial again ,but mis sis watched the episode and gave me the news that booth wasnt dead so i watched it anden was dissapointed when they went on abt zach boo hoo he can be replaced eve though he was good ,all i say is dont let urselves be deviated from the real subject or it will be another xfiles all over again

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May 24, 2008 5:13AM EDT

The last episode WAS cobbled together. Zach wasn't even seriously going to be the apprentice. They tossed around ideas that they would explore his post-traumatic stress or that he would be approached by Gormagon, rebuff him, and be killed. So, I have started to think it's better that poor Zach was brainwashed because we still will get to see him in future episodes. I read an interview with the creator who said he would be in a few episodes for consultations, which is great. And they had to put the finale together the way they did because the Writer's Strike shortened the span of time they had to develop a story line. So they decided to go for the biggest bang they could in the time allotted - thus, Zach being Gormagon's apprentice.

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Jul 25, 2008 2:59AM EDT

I don't get it. They said that Gormagon would have to be in his 80's in earlier episodes. Well that guy was riding around on a motorcycle, jumping over things, out running Booth, and diving into a pool in a helmet (which are kinda heavy so would slow you down, especially in a pool) with a kid in his arms. Also, I don't know about the rest of you, but the Gormagon they shot at the end didn't look like he was in his 80's to me...

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Sep 2, 2008 2:24PM EDT

In the "Night on the Grid" episdoe, they found the 80yr old in the nursing home that was a mansion. The current Gormagon was his apprentice and then became the master. Then he started recruiting for his apprentice slot.

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