'White Collar' Season 4 premiere: 'Wanted' by Mekhi Phifer


"White Collar" Season 4 picks a little bit of a time jump from where Season 3 left off. Neal and Mozzie are living in a tropical villa, going by "James Maine" and "Barry," respectively. But in swoops Mekhi Phifer as Agent Collins of the Office of International Affairs on a manhunt for Neal. Naturally, Burke (and Diana. And Jones. And Elle) cannot resist trying to find Neal first in order to help him and Mozz, but end up leading Agent Collins right to them instead. And the man Neal and Mozz thought would help hide them has been persuaded by Collins to give them up. Dun dun dun.It was a fun premiere, we thought. The show can't just pick up in New York like everything is hunky dory, but we also aren't sure it can keep Neal and Mozzie on a tropical paradise for very long. It will be interesting to watch how it is...



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