Who is Gormogon?

Lets now speculate on who can be Gormogon.

As we've seen it in earlier episodes they've caught Gormogon 3, which then suicided, and gormogon 1 is about 80 years of age, toothless, and has Alzheimer's. However the second recruit is still out there and is pissed off that Booth and Brennan have discovered is secret lair with his pieces of art.

In more recent episodes we have seen the second gormogon try to kill booth and brenan and eventually succeed at killing his corrupter. If you watch closely that episode (knight on the grid) at the very end you can see gormogon's face... maybe not clearly but at least its something. And don't get me wrong, but i really think Gormogon must be considered as a male character from that last scene. We have to recognize that he is very athletic and smart to be able to escape Booth's attempt to catch him in the corrupter's house. Conclusion, take out Booth, all the female characters, Zack, Hodg out of the possibilities of being the killer.

One guy we might have considered, if only he wasn't in jail, is Brennan's brother. He's got all the attributes pointing at him. Dad was an escape artist, probably did some time in the system, became pretty smart working a bit with his sister and father, and he looks much like the last scene when we can see Gormy kill the corrupter.

Hope this helps confuse you all a bit more. :P




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May 1, 2008 2:56PM EDT

It's Sweets. Sadly, 'cos I like him.

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May 1, 2008 4:24PM EDT

I concur, I believe it is Sweets aswell...remember the gold old days when he was just a little geek in the 80's? that was a good time...

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May 3, 2008 4:37AM EDT

Definitely Sweets!!

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May 3, 2008 1:42PM EDT

LOL... i can't believe it's Sweets... or maybe i don't want to believe it, i don't even think he is that athletic and that nuts to eat people... i really hope its not him i want to see him some more in Season 4.

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May 3, 2008 8:02PM EDT

hey hres a mad thought but go with me on this wot if sweets is gormogon an doesnt actually wrk fr the govermnt (or mabe he does cause he wants 2 make sure they dont catch him) an he killed an ate gordon gordon wyatt so he cld get close 2 an get 2 no booth an brennan tha way he'll no EVERYTHING about the gormogon case an about booth an brennan so he no's there week spots an stuff u no? BUT wot if he was stupid enough 2 put 1 of gordon gordon wyatts bones in the widows sons skeleton an they find oot its gordon gordon But a dont hink he wood be tha stupid but a hink it wood be cool if we found out/ they found out about him being gormogon by them findin gordons body (eaten) or if he came bak frm a holiday or somin an ran n 2 booth an told him their therapy would resume as normal frm next week but then booth mentions sweets an that they (booth & bones) wer told by him that they'd been switched or somin an then evry1 ends up tryin 2 catch sweets hoo smehow alreedy nos wots goin on and is on the run!! (He cld also take some1 frm the jeffrsoian hostage an 4 sme reason am hinkin angela :S) hey do u hink the@ll catch the grave digger this season they said they'd return 2 it this season? but wot do u hink about the hole gormogon hing possible? or do a jus hink 2 much lol! :D

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May 6, 2008 4:37AM EDT

Hmmm all of you make a good point, even though I hope it isn't Sweets either. Because well, not taking into account the break we had between episodes, we haven't heard any mention of gorgomon lately. Sweets just recently came onto the scene after gorgomon vanished. And now that the trial is over, either he really does like Booth and Bones as friends, or he may not want to give up that way of getting even deeper into their heads to eventually do something completely drastic where he can use something against them.Oh, especially with his extensive background too, which is something to say about gorgomon becacuse he is no dummy. But please say it ain't so!^_^

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May 9, 2008 3:33PM EDT

I think it's Sweets... Why? Because he is so sweet;), he looks like a kid and he is so nice... And I really like him. Every man, who i liked in Bones, was bad guy, for example: doctor in 1st season(Alex Carter) and many others. But I have a little hope that the man who i saw in knight on the grid wasn't Sweets... Why? It's simple... Where Booth and Bones will find another therapist like Sweets? They must have more couple therapy :DOf course squint squad and Booth are my favorite team and i don't think that someone from them is Gormogon. But maybe it is someone else? Maybe someone from Jeffersonian? Few weeks and we going to know. Hm... I'm afraid it will be Sweets...

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May 12, 2008 3:52AM EDT

I also think it may be Sweets, for some reason. He seems to be a bit odd. His character gives off a weird vibe to me, like when we first met him, which makes him suspicious in him being Gormogon. He doesn't seem athletic, though that could be hidden by the personality he shows, clothing, and knowledge. But a thing he did mention about the book in the last episode, well...what if he wanted to review them longer like older times to be something more than just friendship or simply his book? Like what aorta321 mentioned, like use the knowledge he knows against them? That is always a thought, since he is pretty intelligent even though his everyday vocabulary does seem to show off his age. xP

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May 13, 2008 12:56AM EDT

I think it is Zach. He always seems to be the one who knows the method behind Gormogon. (of course, being a genius is a good alibi for that) In the last episode he proclaimed he was stronger than he appeared. He has complete access to everything.
However, I did notice something: Original Goramogon was older (I think someone said 70's), most recent was pretty young (20s???)... shouldn't the 2nd Gormogon be somewhere in the middle... 40's? I don't think Sweets or Zach are that age.

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May 13, 2008 1:29AM EDT

... although- I have it in for Hodgins too. He is probably close to the right age too. (I'm thinking 30's)

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May 15, 2008 2:29AM EDT

I don't think it's Sweets because he's to young. And Zack is also too young. I doubt it's Hodgins either unless he can pull off wearing dentures without Angela and everyone else noticing because if you remember Gormogon is now toothless because he pulled them all out and put them in the bomb to try and kill Bones and Booth.
My guess is that Gormogon works in the juvenile justice system as either a lawyer or judge or maybe a parole officer because his apprentice served community service but wasn't in a group/foster home because he said he got kicked out of a bunch of private schools(at least that's my guess). I'm also guessing that the person who steals the silver skeleton in the up coming episode is his new apprentice who I'm guessing works at the Jeffersonian serving a community service sentence.

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May 19, 2008 8:40PM EDT

My bet is that its Hodgins and Angela is his apprentice...out there but im feelin it

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Jul 23, 2009 8:34PM EDT

not sweets. didn't they kill gormogon?

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