Jane By Design Review: Game Playing

"The Online Date" was another solid outing for Jane, but there are a few things in play could really begin to elevate the show and the story it wants to tell.

Play One: Kate

Teri Hatcher coming in to play Ben and Jane’s long-gone mother was a smart move on the show’s part for two reasons: appeal and ability. Teri has plenty of post-Desperate Housewives shine, and Teri has the ability to play a character that is plenty unlikeable right now; those traits are vital for a character like Kate because she has the ability to draw sympathy from the audience. Particularly, where sympathy might be what the audience wants to feel, and that might be what the show wants from the audience from this story.

Now, with Dakota back in Kate’s life, and down on one knee, there’s a chance to really begin to unravel her character, or, at the very least, begin to see where Kate’s head is at and why she walked back into her children’s lives.  Kate has been constantly changing the subject, or being very vague when anyone attempts to ask about her past; so, needless to say, I’m hoping this will begin to shed light on Ben and Jane’s past, and her own past. Read More...



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