Anger Management “Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient” Review

Hey, did you guys know that Charlie Sheen was on Two and a Half Men? You did? Well, the people at Anger Management want to be certain that you don’t forget it. I don’t want to poor cold water all over what was by far the best episode of the show’s freshman campaign, but the pokes at Charlie’s old job are getting a bit tiresome. It was a small portion of the episode, but the use of Charlie’s old bowling shirt from his former show paints the picture of a show that doesn’t trust its work. It keeps returning to the easy joke that doesn’t involve creating something new. If I’m to believe that this show is a fresh start for Sheen, then they shouldn’t keep trudging up the past. I’m sure many people enjoyed the subtle jab at Chuck Lorre and his former show, but I found it cheap. Charlie Sheen is a comedic talent that doesn’t need cheap jokes like that. (Insert whatever Two and a Half Men joke you want here.) Read More... 


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