Futurama Review: The Battle of Paco's Tacos

Leela's parents have been important as plot devices, but they haven't had the chance to lead a story. While last week's episode used secondary characters to advance the story and it was far from the best half-hour of Futurama, this week's "Zapp Dingbat" was a great affair, even with the main cast largely sidelined.

What really made this week's episode so enjoyable was the dialogue: I was constantly laughing throughout. Finding good quotes for an episode is usually easy with this show, but having to pare down a whole list of quotes is a good dilemma to have! Zapp's ridiculousness is always enjoyable. Morris getting to be a free spirit, riding the grimy waves of filth with Fry and Bender often around for the ride, was an unexpected but comical sight. There were even some touching moments, with Fry reassuring Leela, and even Bender letting out an "aww" thanks to Morris saying how much he missed Munda. Read More...



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