'Homeland' at Comic-Con: Get your Season 2 spoilers right here

"Homeland" premiered its Season 2 trailer at Comic-Con, and -- no shocker here -- it is another action-packed, nail-biting, thriller.Spoilers ahead...1. Brody (Damian Lewis) wins the election and is a U.S. Congressman --- taking "making a difference" to a whole new level. 2. Carrie (Claire Danes) is a professor, grading students' papers instead of doing her own intelligence work until she is approached by the CIA for a three-day undercover mission to Beirut. "We just need you to meet with your asset and find out what she knows."3. Brody is involved -- as a politician -- in Carrie's mission, which threatens to turn into a "Blackhawk Down situation."  When the "mission profile" switches "from capture to kill," Brody tells the shady vice president: "I am not a terrorist. I am a U.S. Congressman."  Uh-huh.4.  The first two episodes take place in Beirut, which showrunner Howard Gordon told panelists was filmed in Israel. "The atmosphere is...



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