Louie Recap: Mano a Mano

Here are some things Louie and his new amigo Ramon do in Miami: Lie on the sand after Louie's non-drowning incident; share a drink and some smiles at the hotel bar; relate their stories of immigration; share a bicycle; sip beverages from green coconuts; laugh; fix up the bicycle a little; laugh some more, or possibly giggle; MERRILY CHASE CHICKENS; smoke cigars; take a happy swim together; toss a football around and roughhouse in the surf; have a terribly confusing conversation about where all this has led them.

"There's a lot of things that we maybe could do that might be nice, but we can't 'cause someone will think we're gay," Louie says in the stand-up epilogue to "Miami." It's hard not to wonder if, with this observation in mind, C.K. simply sketched a list of activities he and his handsome companion could enjoy in blissful, fictive ignorance of the assert-heterosexuality-at-all-times-always man times. Read More...



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