Suits “Discovery” Review

Just when we thought Hardman was the biggest issue around on Suits along comes Tanner — Harvey’s nemesis and the ultimate bearer of bad news — in this week’s episode ‘Discovery’.

Four years ago, Harvey won a case involving a car company accused of causing a man’s death through use of a faulty product. Harvey successfully argued that it was careless driving that caused the victim’s death and the company got off scot-free. Until now.

When Tanner claims Harvey committed fraud by hiding a memo that showed the company’s liability in the victim’s death, Harvey’s reputation is put on the line. To avoid going to court, Harvey strong-arms the head of the company into settling. But Harvey’s problems aren’t over yet: thanks to his previous indiscretions during his days at the DA’s office, no one will believe that he didn’t hide the memo. He needs to prove that the memo is in fact a forgery and so it was impossible for him to ever lay eyes on it. Read More... 


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