'Big Brother 14': Will the coaches enter the game?

SPOILER ALERT: Don't keep reading if you don't want to see spoilers from the live feedsBritney and Janelle had an interesting conversation on the "Big Brother" live feeds Friday morning (July 13). They waited until Willie left the HOH room and then they started talking about the coaches entering the game as players. Janelle commented, "If that happens and Boogie is unleashed on this game, it's going to be a f****** blood bath." She also said, "If that happens and the coaches do get to play or whatever ... " when talking about Dan laying low right now and letting his people go home because he just doesn't care that much about the coaches' prize of $100,000. Innnnteresting. We have to say -- we aren't really down with the coaches entering the game as players, even if they hadn't served as mentors first. But it would explain why one of the newbies was sent home...



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