Grey's Anatomy Review 6x12: "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked"

And who would have thought this week would topple last week in my list of best Grey's Anatomy episodes. Definitely not me.

Then again I'm a mere mortal and thus fallible, or the Grey's writers are just getting better at leaving us hooked every week. Lets start off with the title: I like it better when you're naked--a good way to magnet potential viewers to the show. People, who in their dirty mind would not want to miss a show like that! However, as sexy as it is, to me, it allegorically means vulnerability and weakness as it central theme.

In the voice over, Ellen Pompeo talks about exposure during surgery. In those moments of exposure, the patient is at its weakest. So we are taken into one of the most tumultuous moments in our characters' lives. Talk about drama.

The Twisted Sisters share the same dilemma this week with Meredith struggling to let Derek turn Chief Weber in, and Cristina travailing all day over her shocking statement last week of trading Owen for Teddy.

Meredith insists that Derek forgive Richard's drinking. However when he became stubborn, Meredith calls in her POST-IT wedding and emphasizes that she confided in her husband, and not the chief of surgery. The poor (and in love) husband agrees but as the day goes by and Richard's inefficiency becomes very apparent, especially after the lack of sterile supplies and Bailey's ventilation, Derek makes up his mind to go to the Board knowing well they will make him chief. However, he had to get by his POST-IT wife, primarily through a subtle black mail of hiring Meredith's friend, Izzie, back first thing when he's chief. After feeling abandoned and let down by missing a surgery the Chief supposedly let Meredith do a special procedure, she caved in and allowed Derek to go to the Board. And that, according to her, is the first step toward healing, cutting the flesh.

Meanwhile, in a drunken conversation between Teddy and Owen, she spills what Cristina told her the previous episode (I'm not sure of Shonda's time table). Owen rushes to Cristina's apartment stressing that she is mistaken in thinking that surgery invariably trumps love. "People do matter. We matter. You don't get to toss me aside." There goes Cristina's answer.

As for the biological sister, Lexie gets her share of drama as she deals with the guilt of sleeping with Karev. After Mark blurting that he slept with Addison, Lexie was relieved and confessed to Mark about the one night stand. Unfortunately Mark made a sensible argument that he was hurting because Lexie broke up with him for reasons that are quite childish and selfish, and yet she slept with someone else. "I can't even look at you." Ouch.

Izzie is back after a call from Meredith warning that maybe her husband is moving on. She tries to win Alex back, and was excited of getting a job nearby to make things work. But after a heart to heart talk with her husband, she was rejected and decides to leave even after Meredith pleads to make her stay saying,"This is your home." That was heartbreaking for all especially for Alex who had been through a lot for Izzie, who had grown and become a better person for the one he loved. And also for Meredith and Izzie who had to deal with rejection and abandonment. That, Ladies and gentlemen, is the second step of healing, damaging the healthy flesh in order to expose the non-healthy.

Sometimes the risk of exposure does work for the sake of healing. Awww. Finally, something comic yet romantic and heartwarming in this episode. To who does this distinction belong, none other than Callie and Arizona, who by the way, were AWESOME this episode. This isn't just due to the hot make-out session in the on-call-room where Arizona diagnoses Callie with chicken pox and yet later abandons her in the Isolation Room with Lexie the Resident. However, that scene is very commendable and noteworthy as they at last they showed more depth in the couple's intimacy (the 3 second shower scene was well, short). As for Callie Torres, she cracked us up with her gauze paws and her pain that makes one go crazy, make a suit out of one's skin crazy! LOL! Anyhow, after lying to Callie and seeing Mark scratch her girlfriend's itch away, Arizona realizes that she is willing to risk seeing Callie vulnerable and be there for her, than to stay in the sexy part and leave her on her own. So she jumps into bed with Callie and just lay with her as she recuperates symbolizing the strengthening of their relationship. All-together now--AWWW.

Then again, sometimes surgeries doesn't work. And in the end, makes everything worse. Did they choose the right option?

Only the writers know. =)

Til then drama-addicts!


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