'Breaking Bad' Recap: Walter White Returns In Gripping Premiere

Note: Don't read on unless you've seen the premiere episode of AMC's "Breaking Bad's" fifth and final season, entitled "Live Free or Die."
What should we make of the opening scene of the new season of "Breaking Bad'" (Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on AMC)? Will there be a structural conceit similar to the one we saw in Season 2, which opened with images of items that we learned, much later, came from a plane that crashed?

This is just a guess, but I'm thinking creator Vince Gilligan will not try to recreate exactly what he did in Season 2, given that he's said in interviews that the need to steer the story to the plane-crash ending tied the writers' hands a little bit. This is a show that likes to change course as needed: One reason Season 3 was so good was because Gilligan and company ended the Mexican brothers' run as villains much earlier than originally planned, given that it had become clear that their appearances would have more impact if they were condensed and not stretched out. I wonder if the first half of Season 5 (the eight episodes AMC is airing this year) will end with us finding out how Walt came to have the car with the New Hampshire plates and the need for serious firepower in the trunk. Read More...



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