Breaking Bad Recap: I Forgive You

"Live Free or Die," the first episode of Breaking Bad's fifth season, kicks off with a brief flash-forward (shades of the plane crash episodes near the end of season two), then picks up mere minutes after the explosive death of Gus Fring at the end of season four, with Walt telling Skyler "I won."

The rest of the episode is oddly similar to the opening of season four, which found Walt and Jesse in the clutches of Gus Fring following Jesse's murder of Walt's lab partner Gail; that installment and much of what followed simultaneously moved the show's master narrative forward while casting a cold, accountant's eye backward, tying up loose ends and clarifying points that might have been confusing to viewers of season three. Much of "Live Free or Die" — written by series creator Vince Gilligan, directed by Michael Slovis — has that sort of energy, the nervy, paranoid focus that drove Norman Bates as he mopped Marion Crane's blood off the floor after that fateful shower in Psycho.  Read More...


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