Naruto Shippuden TO END??!! RUMOR IS TRUE!!

C&P: "Naruto Shippuden Manga soon will no longer be released, the orignal storyline is coming together in the "big finish", the battle between akatsuki and konoha. After which the series might end, However a new series might be spun off "Konoharmu", since he also has the same dream as naruto to become Hokage. This is all still rumor, so no official response has been receieved from this.


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Sep 16, 2008 11:59PM EDT

I don't really believe Naruto will end there nor that there will be a Konahamaru spin off. What I do really believe is that the Shippuden will end but there WILL be something after. I mean, they found a golden mine with this story, it is too good to just end it there. Also, once he becomes hokage thats it? Just see Gaara, even Kazekage, the Akatski as well as other people want to burn fire up his @ss. So don't believe it when they say "This is all still rumor, so no official response has been receieved from this." I've seen way too many tv shows to know.

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Oct 14, 2008 5:53PM EDT

There are rumors that the manga is gonna go up to issue 500, but i dont believe this is true... I have been reading a couple of interviews with Kishimoto and it looks like he is rly into writing Naruto... :) And besides, the story isnt near an ending, so many things are yet to happen, and in my opinion it will last at least another two or three years... meaning at least another 200 chapters...
And a little correction: Naruto Shippuden is the name of the anime series beyond season 10... The Manga is still called just Naruto.

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Oct 19, 2008 5:40AM EDT

It's possibly true, there are only going to be 5 more episodes, but I'm sure Dattebyo will make some more because of the popularity

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Oct 22, 2008 4:33PM EDT

Yeah i was also thinking to myself and i just happened to stumble upon this, in the manga Akatsuki and Konoha have begun there fight. And after Pain Or Naruto have been killed, what will the story evolve into? i thought to myself it is possible it will end.

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Nov 1, 2008 10:24PM EDT

No I dont think naruto will end in a short time...1st, I think surely that naruto has to be a hokage 1st and in the manga itself there is a long way to go..

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Nov 6, 2008 6:42PM EST

criterion 123 u made a mistake. akatsuki is nt fighting knoha in the manga only pein is. so after the kill pein they still hav a long way to go. personally i think naruto will not end soon. there will be atleast one more year of manga before it ends.this is so because of so many reasons. firstly there is sasuke. his story is not finished yet. and there are alot more akatsuki characters. like madara, konan and that itachi's partner (cant remember his name).there has to be a big fight between naruto and sasuke as they are both badass now. and then there has to be a fight with pein as well. no naruto still has a long way to go.

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Nov 8, 2008 10:21PM EST

thanks for sharing, it is sad when this popular anime will terminate

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Nov 15, 2008 10:12PM EST

ahem! yes this rumor is retarded. also "pain" will not be killed so easily. if you guys havent read the manga that message it says something very important. as simple as it is, it actaully... okay you know what? Forget it SPOILER ALERT dont read any further.
Even if they manage to kill all of the "pain's" then they still have the "original". hence why that message said "The real one isn't there". also a Konahamaru spin off? really? Konahamaru? really? i mean if the person hadn't said that, then i would it would sound more believeble. but Konahamaru. his other teammates automatically strike me as "ensign ricky's". not to the extent where the will die. just... well what ever.i just think this is some joke by some guy who thinks we're all nerds for watching this "cartoon". an is probably looking for some cheap laughs from our outcries of discontent. so with that said "Conglaturation !!! You have raised our great ire. And prooved that you can upset our culture. Now go and rest on your pillows !

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Dec 12, 2008 1:17PM EST

If that "konohamaru" series actually begins then i think it would just be an attempt to redo everything that hapenned with naruto. I mean naruto has been in all general sitautions you can possibly think of. I think the konohamaru idea is a very bad one and i just think they should expand on what they already have. I'd say another 2 seasons should be added to the series to sum it all up and achieve the main goals of the series from when it started. ( Naruto becoming hokage,Orichimaru's death, killing off all members of akatsuki, bringing back sasuke). Well bottom line is, i doubt naruto shippuden is ending anytime soon :)

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Aug 18, 2009 4:06AM EDT

I believe that Naruto shippuden probably end's after 220 episodes like the first one.. but until then i hope Sasuke is going back to konoha and Naruto become Hokage otherwise there is no meaning.. I mean Naruto what he really wont is Sasuke back to Konoha! i hope there is a good ending or no ending at all!

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Oct 6, 2009 7:11PM EDT

so what chapter does it end cause my friend said it ended like 466 and when i reach 466 sasuke just got saved by obito

May 11, 2010 8:04PM EDT

The manga is not going to end soon. they will just keep adding stuff and milk it for all its worth. just like the shrek films.

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May 18, 2010 3:57PM EDT

If begin konohamaru then fak naruto nothing more then naruto.i hope after naruto shippuuden that i think will be at 220-230 series maybe a new manga of naruto will start with sasuke naruto sakura and all the others about 20 years old that will be nice i hope saw this kind of procedure go on we dont know what masashi kishimoto has in mind.the last episode is 160 soon for 2 days 161 will come on air.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May 18, 2010 3:58PM EDT

If begin konohamaru then fak naruto nothing more then naruto.i hope after naruto shippuuden that i think will be at 220-230 series maybe a new manga of naruto will start with sasuke naruto sakura and all the others about 20 years old that will be nice i hope saw this kind of procedure go on we dont know what masashi kishimoto has in mind.the last episode is 160 soon for 2 days 161 will come on air.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun 26, 2010 7:19PM EDT

there on their 499th issue now and the 500th is coming out on the 30th of june. There no were near close to ending. I predict they will make another 200 or 300 issues.

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Jun 30, 2010 6:29AM EDT

ummmmm so tell me about kabuto taking orochimaru's powers dats gonna leave to nothing?dont be stupid.

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Jul 30, 2010 7:18AM EDT

this is stupid, naruto shippuuden wont end for quite sometime there are still several akatuski members left, and naruto of course has to become hokage, and theres sasuke. After all these episode of naruto wanting to come back so there has to be a big twist meaning A LOT MORE EPISODES! :DPlus there has to a later episode with something to do with madara and naruto*SPOILER*because hes kaleidoscope that maintains the 9 tailed fox.and theres that weird guy from that sort of looks like a tree XDi cant remember his name and something has to happen to akatsuki in the end?and im positive by the end of shippuuden theres definitely going to be another serious like come on why wouldn't they with all the money theyre making?

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Jul 30, 2010 7:19AM EDT

wanting sasuke to come back sorry lol*

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Dec 14, 2010 9:43PM EST

that rumor is ridiculous! naruto will not end just like that1
naruto first become a hokage and sasuke have it's own village.
and they will have a territory rivalry.
a war between sasuke and naruto
just to keep naruto running.

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Jul 20, 2011 2:38PM EDT

Konohamaru's own spin off would be lame, and really unnecessary.

As for the series it really does seem like it is coming to a close.

SPOILER: They are about to reach the climax in the manga. The Akatsuki vs The Joint Ninja Army . Naruto and Kyuubi have somewhat come to an agreement and are now going to help in the war. If you keep going further in the story Naruto will meet up with Sasuke and finally have their battle. My guess is that something may happen and they might have to v.s. Madara as well (i.e. Naruto and Sasuke v.s. Madara) but I'm doubting that myself. And after or sometime later in this war they will find a way to save Yamato. If the War is the climax of the series then we will see a ending within 100 more chapters (about two years) If not then most likely the Akatsuki will not be defeated after the war and some other stuff may happen.

On a side not: MADARA / Tobi is not Obito . There is no proof to back that up, no matter how similar their characteristics or their names (i.e. Tobi and Obito) might look they are not the same. The manga kind of put a close on that when they showed the Birth of Naruto arc . There is no way Obito could be that tall etc. within a few years of his supposed death (assuming he survived)

Oct 30, 2011 11:56PM EDT

to Notok2bu Tobi is not Madara. you wouldnt know that at the time you posted though seeing how that chapter wasnt released until 3 days ago lol. carry on :)

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Feb 14, 2012 2:03AM EST

Im Mad Dont just end series theres many different spin can do, we still have yet to see naruto actually be hokage and run the village and have battles where he teams up with his now grown with new powers (friends) sure they can make up stronger enemies the the can have a leaf tornament like the chunnin exams to see the ranks..or who to see who becomes hokage who in the aubu....who the hokages helper...i would assume sasuke comes back and is head of the aubu can do dvd's and if you do do a spin off with the 3rd's grandson...naruto would be his teacher which means we would still see naruto in action for a while...

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Apr 29, 2012 11:27PM EDT

Plus you have to remember, if they ever did a spin off I doubt it would be as awesome as naruto because the kyubbi also contributed to making the series a hit. Everyone was always waiting for naruto to just lose and go all nine tail on them. Without that I think a spin off would definetly not be as exciting. Unless they created anther secret evil inside of the main character or something.

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James Gasaway
Dec 8, 2012 3:12AM EST

whhhaattt??? spoiler no further unless u want to =P...
first off...naruto WONT end...period... there are toooo many people old as well as well as people in wich we have JUST scratched the surface with...akatsuki members...sasuke....sasukes group...kabuto...soooo many more.....will battle with naruto...not to mention fillers...i dont believe well be seeing an ending soon at all....because after naruto finally becomes hokage...WARNING SPOILER ALERT READ NO FURTHER ...AGAIN (unless he never makes it to his dream) and falls short of it yet dies serverely close to...there will remain people in konoha as well as konohamaru...they wont change the name of naruto only the characters....there will always be pain and suffering in the world as well as war...THAT is why naruto wants to be hokage to end that and konahamaru shares this dream with naruto and succeeds him in the "war on war" so to in retrospect naruto wont end so easily..shipuden ...yes...but like dragon ball ended...came so on...pokemon....same far we have naruto...and naruto sgipuden...and Naruto Akkipuden comes after Naruto Shippuden as predicted.Here Naruto becomes a jounin and possibly reveal the tasks of jounin tests.Sai becomes Naruto's partner and head of Anbu division 5.Sasuke's story is not yet reaveled.Naruto becomes 18 year and starts reading Icha Icha tactics and as usual tries to impress Sakura.Naruto matures a little but still has his wild nature,impatience,foolishness of corse again SPOILER...he sadly never get to be with Hinata sry to all the horn dogs out there who wished....but point is...naruto shipuden is just a STEP in narutos trilogy...there is still the rest of shipuden and about 450 episodes of the finale series akkipuden! hope i didnt let u guys in on TOO much! =P

Dec 11, 2014 10:10AM EST

mnaga has ended last month there is 43 episodes left till end with out fillers

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