True Blood Recap: Russell and Roman

This was a banner week for celebrity guest stars on True Blood, who got to chew scenery like so much Hoyt Fortenberry. Russell marked his triumphant return by ranting about his boner like a gay Charlie Manson, then sent poor Roman off to ostensibly fondle his sweaters in vampire heaven.

Contrary to all my blaspheming, I genuinely do enjoy the show. I just accept that it's kind of ridiculous. I assume that because you're mostly with me here and because you're the kind of person who enjoys True Blood AND reads recaps, that you're just an elite substrata that would enjoy putting on your monocle and checking for factual inaccuracies. But True Blood doesn't apologize, so I guess we shouldn't either, right? Let's dive right into this week's ludicrous. Read More...


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