'Eureka' series finale - 'Just Another Day': 'The strong force holds it all together'


"Eureka" showrunner Jaime Paglia calls his series finale, "Just Another Day," a "love letter to fans." So did you feel the love?We sure did -- especially if you are measuring by tears and goosebumps. Maybe the best line of the evening came from amnesiac Holly (Felicia Day), who perfectly captured what Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) means to the little town of Eureka: "Oh! I remember now. You guys are smart, but the sheriff is the strong force -- he holds it all together."In his last heroic act of the series, Carter dove through a wormhole to save the town. As he traveled through that space-time anomaly, we saw snippets of important characters (Stark, argh!) and pivotal scenes -- including season one's alternate timeline in which Allison was his wife and pregnant with their child. After he saved Eureka for the gazillionth time, that happy reality finally came true again: Carter's new bride Allison (Salli...



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