'Bachelorette: Men Tell All': Kalon and Emily whip the crowd into a 'Jerry Springer' frenzy

It's time for "The Bachelorette: Men Tell All" reunion special, gang. Can you believe there are two hours of this nonsense? Strap in. And have a glass of wine for me. Chris Harrison kicks things off by asking the audience who wants to finally see Emily Maynard find love? And then he says the American people do too. Well, yes -- does that mean she'll go away then? There is then a pre-taped chitchat where Emily recaps the season. I shall not be recapping the recap.The OuttakesThey show Emily spilling wine on her gorgeous pink ballgown and then swearing about it, which -- those moments would go a long way to making her more human. They really should've included that. Turns out the egg thing with Travis was even creepier than we ever knew. Dude.Chris is a terrible dancer, but he does get huge credit for trying. She's right about that. At least he didn't...



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