Bunheads 1.05 "Money for Nothing" Review

The pacing of Bunheads has been one of the most curious things about the show and something that I couldn't quite put my finger on regarding my feelings toward it. After a pilot that got Michelle from depressed showgirl to hopeful newlywed to crushed widow, the show stepped heavily on the brake pedal, allowing the former Vegas girl the chance to get her footing in her new town. For the last three episodes, Bunheads has been more about exploration and filling out the weird, wild world of Paradise, California, focusing more on the logistics that resulted from Hubbell's death and moving the chess pieces around rather than barreling through more plot. That's been in contrast to the hyperverbal, wired dialogue that shoots out of the characters' mouths like laser beams, but it's also made any type of forward movement much more appreciated and feel more earned. Read More...



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