The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Make New Friends, Keep the Old

Despite being a filler episode, we did get to know a few characters on this week's The Secret Life of the American Teenager. In "Past History" Ricky runs into a friend from his foster care days, while Ethan takes a liking to pregnant freshman Kathy.

Even though Ricky claims Clementine is more like a sister to him, there is no denying how flustered he got in her presence. 

Clementine doesn't seem interested in Ricky as more than a friend. She was awfully protective at the thought of Adrian trying to hit on Ricky and disrupt his marriage.

Of course Adrian will always have lingering feelings for Ricky, they have a long history, but I don't think she was really there to bait Clementine. I think she was a little curious and had to get some work done so she figured she'd kill two birds with one stone. Maybe I am just giving Adrian too much credit though. What do you all think? Read More...


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