Falling Skies “Homecoming” Review

Thankfully "Homecoming," this week’s episode of Falling Skies, got its usual dose of relationship chatter out of the way early on. From my perspective, the romantic drama normally slows down the pacing of each episode, so taking care of all that lovey-dovey business at the start of the episode actually helped to keep the rest of the episode moving at a great pace.

As Weaver’s infection continued to put his life in danger, Tom took charge of the 2nd Mass and begun preparations to move Weaver to Charleston where he might have a better chance of survival. After realizing that their fuel supplies had been mostly used up by the hospital generators, Tom sent scouts to find more fuel while Anne and Lourdes tried desperately to find a treatment for Weaver’s infection.

Anne and Lourdes’ solution involved a sort of heated hemodialysis that would theoretically heat up Weaver’s blood and kill the parasite infection before pumping it back into his system. Since no machine in the hospital existed that could already do this, they were counting on Jamil to build one – which he did rather quickly. Read More...



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Jul 28, 2012 5:15PM EDT

Ben Ben why can't you believe that not all harness kids are like you the don't have Tom as their father hence all the rest is expendable... Plot twist of course bring Karen back the minute Hal is ready to move on. so predictable plot points.what is the overall arc for this show.

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