Eureka Series Finale “Just Another Day” Review

After five seasons and seventy seven episodes, it’s time to say goodbye to Eureka. Facing the closure of the town by the Department of Defense, the folks of Eureka are beginning to pack up and wonder what to do next. When wormholes suddenly appear threatening to destroy everything within the town’s radius, Carter risks himself to stop them before its too late. With everyone safe, the goodbyes continue until an unexpected surprise changes everything.

I find that series finales tend to fall into three categories: loose ends are tied up and the show reaches a conclusion (M.A.S.H.The West Wing), just another regular episode with some closure (Quantum LeapCheers), or its all some sort of a dream (NewheartSt. Elsewhere). On the other hand you could end up with a bizarre ending like the most recent version of Battlestar Galactica or the "they were in purgatory all along" ending of Lost. I would say that Eureka’s producers and writers found a way to thread the needle and gave us an episode that was just like a regular one, but still tying up loose ends and giving us some of the weirdness we came to expect from this show. Read More... 


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