The L.A. Complex Season 2 Advance Review

When last we tuned into The L.A. Complex, Connor had just intentionally set fire to his house, Tariq was beaten up by his secret lover, Kaldrick King, Raquel found out she was pregnant, Alicia had finally hit it big, and Nick and Abby were still trying to break their way in to show business.

Season 2 of The L.A. Complex premieres tonight and I was lucky enough to be able to watch the first two episodes. Although I cannot tell you everything that happened, I can give you a bit of a preview. How about we take it by character?

Connor – We find Connor dealing with the aftermath of the fire that destroys his first home. The fire forces him to take up residence with an unlikely friend. He also gets a proposition for a career move that is a bit unusual, to say the least. It makes him wonder how far he would go to be a movie star. Read More... 


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