Perception “Faces” Review – Can The Brain Ever Lie To Itself?

"Faces" was the second episode of the new TNT series Perception starring Eric McCormack as the schizophrenic professor Daniel Pierce, and Rachael Leigh Cook as FBI agent (and former student of Pierce) Kate Moretti. Kate is thrown into solving another murder case that has crept up into her files, and this one focuses on the disappearance of a mail order bride and an underground prostitution ring.

For a second I felt like I was watching an episode of Law and Order: SVU, but then the story changed from sex crimes into the psychology of the case. Moretti is questioning Frank Prentice (W. Earl Brown) about the disappearance of his wife. Prentice was found unconscious on the floor by his live in maid, and woke to find his wife was missing. Prentice apparently owes the company that… provided… his wife to him, and Prentice confesses that the owner of the business said his wife, Olena, could "work off" Prentice’s debt. Read More... 


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